Twins, Mac & Madi

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Linda Herron


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Twins, Mac & Madi's

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My Story 

Born and raised in Rhode Island, Linda Herron knows firsthand what it is like to grow up as an identical twin. In fact, the most wonderful part of her childhood was spending time with her best friend and twin sister.


Because Linda recognizes the unique bond—and the unique challenges—that being a twin entails, she was inspired to create a series of children’s stories about being an identical twin.

Her Twins, Mac & Madi Series are:

  1. Twins, Mac & Madi's Surprise: A Very Different Twins Birthday (Picture Book 1)!

  2. Twins, Mac & Madi Get Sporty: The Twins Surprising Journey to Find Their Sport (Picture Book 2)!

  3. Twins, Mac & Madi's Vacation: About Identical Twins Surprising Trip to the Shore (Picture Book 3)!

  4. Twins, Mac & Madi's Birthday: Coloring & Activity (Book 1)

  5. Twins, Mac & Madi Get Sporty: Coloring & Activity (Book 2)

When she isn’t writing children’s books, Linda spends much of her time writing business articles and blogs. As a Financial Expert, she provides strategic advising that transforms businesses by boosting profitability. Her financial expertise has been featured on media outlets including American Express, LendingTree, and Daily Business News, and she holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from Bryant University.


Today, Linda lives in California and enjoys the sunny, seventy-five-degree weather every day. Though her twin still lives in Rhode Island, they visit each other to spend time together. 

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