• Linda Herron

Join Twins, Mac and Madi as they discover their favorite activities!

Mac and Madi do everything together! But when it comes to sports, these two girls have completely different ideas of fun. Mac is a tennis prodigy, while Madi loves to score goals on the soccer field. But these girls are determined not to let their differences get in the way of their unstoppable friendship – read on to discover how!

A perfect gift for twins of all ages, this heartwarming children’s story is a brilliant and engaging read which teaches kids all about the value of being yourself and supporting others. With a special focus on siblings cheering each other on, Mac & Madi Get Sporty shows your kids that even if you like different things, that won’t stop you from being friends and supporting each other.

Book details:

· Features vibrant illustrations and an adorable story

· Great for twin brothers, twin sisters, or friends of twins

· Specially written to teach kids about individuality and the value in being yourself

· Ideal for group reading, story time, reading aloud, or even helping your child develop their reading skills

· And much more!

So, if you want to join in on the fun and dive into a cheerful story about celebrating your differences, then it’s time to discover Mac and Madi’s adventures!



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