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PARENT GUIDE: Developing Unique Interests in Your Twin Children

Twin Parent Guide relates to Twins, Mac & Madi Get Sporty book. Dr. Barbara Klein gives advice to parents of Twins, for each story, Linda Herron writes on Twins, Mac & Madi Children Books. This information is priceless to parents.

Summary of Twins, Mac & Madi Get Sporty:

Meet Twins, Mac & Madi in book 2. Mac and Madi are identical twins who do everything together. Everything! But life is about to change. Mac is a tennis prodigy, while Madi loves to score goals on the soccer field. Faced with some tough decisions, Mac and Madi agree to go their separate ways and focus on their respective sports. But will the choice to do things differently make or break their seemingly unbreakable bond?

Parent of Twins Guide:

Raising twins to be content with how they are different from each other is an extremely difficult task. It takes time and attention, and there are no easy answers. When you are able to see each child individually and embrace their singularity, however, they will not only feel unique but will also understand that it is normal to be different.

Developing individuality is the most crucial aspect of parenting twins, as it fosters emotional balance and a healthy motivation to learn. When twins can be involved in their own distinct activities that are not shared, you will help to lessen their fighting and competition, maximize their language development, and minimize their separation anxiety. Moreover, encouraging twins to engage with different friends will strengthen their social skills and overall wellbeing, allowing friendships with other children to grow naturally.

While twins may initially resist separate activities because they are used to being together, don't give up on finding what is interesting for each of them. Showing pride in each child’s particular interests will help both of them to become more comfortable as they continue discovering different passions and trying new activities without one another.

Since the most serious issue between twins is competition, it makes sense to reduce the amount of time they spend doing the same things and comparing themselves to each other. When twins are together for too long, the fighting can get out of control, so they need a productive way to get rid of twin energy and “double trouble.” Sports is a perfect activity to help with this, as well as with three parenting challenges. First, children will come home tired. Next, they will make new friends and learn new things on their own. And best of all, your twins will learn to be separate individuals and have fun with new people.

Barbara Klein, Ph.D.

Twins and Gifted Children

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