• Linda Herron

A Heartwarming Review for Twins, Mac & Madi's Surprise

Updated: Jun 14

by Mickey Farmer (Family of Multiples)

As an author of a twins children's book, you always hope you get a review like this one! :)

Twin Birthday planning is hard!

"Mac & Madi’s Surprise: A Very Different Twins Birthday is a joy to read on many levels. Parents of twins will love reading it to their twins, and the twins will enjoy having it read to them. Linda Herron’s story is adorable, while the illustrations by Marie Delon are simply beautiful. Though it doesn’t truly matter if your family has multiples or singletons, all will love this book, it is important to have books about twins getting published. The world has a growing number of twins. So, it’s important that they have stories to read, or have read to them, that allows them to empathize with characters of the stories."

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