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Twins, Mac & Madi's Vacation

About Identical Twins Surprising Trip to the Shore!

Twins, Mac & Madi, Vacation at the Seashore and see what happens along the way – It will keep you smiling!

Seashells, swimming, and shells occupy their days!

Twin sisters Mac and Madi are headed to the shore. Their bags are packed, and they have their books in hand. When they reach their destination, they are excited to explore. Sandcastles, swimming, and shells occupy each day—and, of course, meeting people along the way. But one day, something exciting happens. They meet an older, wiser woman, and her questions change even their own perspective. Join Mac and Madi on their adventure and see what happens at the shore!


  • Fun summer activities

  • Focuses on the importance of individuality

  • Teaches everyone how to communicate with twins

A Perfect Gift for:

  • Twins of all ages (identical, fraternal)

  • Twin parents or expecting twin moms and dads

  • Family, twin sister, twin brother, or friend of twins

  • Twin birthday, baby showers, and for all occasions

Join Twins, Mac & Madi’s Adventure at the beach by clicking on the image above.

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