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Twins, Parent Guide based on Twins, Mac & Madi Books

This parent guide is based on Author, Linda Herron lastest book, Mac & Madi's Vacation Children's book. Each twin children story, Linda Herron writes about Twins, Mac & Madi, Dr. Barbara Klein writes a twin parent guide for the book. This information is priceless to parents.

Summary of Twins, Mac & Madi's Vacation:

Twin sisters Mac and Madi are headed to the shore. Their bags are packed, and they have their books in hand. When they reach their destination, they are excited to explore. Sandcastles, swimming, and shells occupy each day—and, of course, meeting people along the way. But one day, something exciting happens. They meet an older, wiser woman, and her questions change even their own perspective. Join Mac and Madi on their adventure and see what happens at the shore!

PARENT GUIDE: by Barbara Klein, Ph.D.

Mac & Madi's Vacation tells a valuable story about how hard it is to be questioned by others about one’s twin sister or brother. Being a twin myself, I can confirm that endless comparative questions can often feel somewhat intrusive, inappropriate, or even hurtful, and they can also inadvertently undermine a twin's sense of individuality. The celebrity—or continual attention to twinship—that comes from other people's curiosity has the potential to create a kind of loneliness and longing for individual attention that is not always obtainable in adult life.

As you experience the nonstop questions about your children, you will come to appreciate the difficulty of dealing with your twin children's celebrity. It may be hard to stop these seemingly innocent questions, but it is essential to try. For example, you can respond to onlookers' questions by saying calmly, “It is important to me that my children are allowed to be individuals and to take pride in being twins for their own reasons. Please respect that my children are different people and want to continue to discover how to be themselves.”

In addition, it is imperative that you talk with your children about such onlookers' questions as well. Work out a way for your twins to respond to questions like, “How are you alike? How are you different?” If you practice with them beforehand, they will feel more comfortable and confident in fielding these types of questions in the future. It can also be helpful for you to talk with friends and relatives about how important it is to avoid comparing your children and to make a focused effort to treat them as individuals.

Barbara Klein, Ph.D.

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